Treats that make everyone’s day a little sweeter

Wendy Palkki started Indulgence Cookie Company from a series of both un- and fortunate events.

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, she chose to quit her part-time job in social work. This allowed her to care for her family.

Then about six months later, she was in an accident where she shattered her elbow and wrist. As many of us can understand, she became bored with the typical physical therapy exercises that she was prescribed.

To help break the monotonous physical therapy routines, she started mixing up cookie dough to help with the recovery from the accident.

 Around the same time, she and her husband took a vacation trip to New York City, where she had previously worked and completed graduate school. Planning the trip back to New York City brought back memories of a local bakery that she often treated herself to while working and in graduate school. Wendy recalls these being some of the best chocolate chip walnut cookies and they were from a local bakery in New York City.

While on the vacation trip to New York City, she could not resist visiting the local bakery again. They were still as good as she remembered. The only problem is when she returned from the vacation, she began having withdrawals from the cookies when they got back home.

To help solve the withdrawals, she took it upon herself to figure out how to make similar cookies in small batches. She also shared some of her baked treats with the Pike Road Elementary School Teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week in 2021. It brought joy to her to see all of the parents, PRES teachers, and staff get so excited about the cookies she shared with them. This gave her the encouragement she needed to start Indulgence Cookie Company!

Wendy has enjoyed creating new flavors while also offering classic cookie favorites her friends, family, neighborhood, and Pike Road community love. In starting Indulgence Cookie Company, she wanted to continue to make small batches of cookies but offer different flavors for her customers to enjoy.

She feels her ”Chocolatiest Chocolate Chip” is her biggest fan favorite, so much she offers it every week. In addition, she tries to offer one or two other cookie flavors for her customers to choose from. She also will include some dessert-style breads or coffee cakes each week as part of her weekly menu. She enjoys baking for special orders and special occasions.

In starting Indulgence Cookie Company, she has learned one key thing about  Pike Road residents and her customers…they crave cookies on the weekends. This has allowed her to set her cookie pick-up days each week for either Thursdays and/or Friday.

Wendy shares that she enjoys getting to know her customers and seeing their smiling faces each time they come to pick up more cookies. She loves being able to share treats that make everyone’s day a little sweeter!

Please be sure to order some cookies from Indulgence Cookie Company to share with your family and friends.

Indulgence Cookie Company’s phone number and social links are on its business listing.

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