The Inspiring Journey of Junktiques Market: Faith, Friendship, and Giving New Life

by Shop Pike Road

As the saying goes, one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. This sentiment perfectly encapsulates the essence of Junktiques Market, a business that combines faith, friendship, and the love for restoring forgotten items to their former glory. Founded by Nikki Falcione and Lauren Robbins, this unique marketplace has become a hub for those seeking a treasure hunt experience, connecting with the past, and finding inspiration.

The story of Junktiques Market began more than two decades ago when Nikki and Lauren became friends through their shared church community. Over the years, their friendship grew stronger, with their children playing together and even embarking on several small business ventures together. As they spent more time together, they discovered their mutual passion for breathing new life into old and discarded items.

It was a few years ago that Nikki and Lauren decided to embark on a new journey by starting their own business. Remarkably, as they contemplated a name for their endeavor, they both arrived at the same choice – Junktiques Market. This surprise synchronicity was a clear sign to them that they were destined to bring their shared vision to life.

With a name, Nikki and Lauren began their entrepreneurial journey operating out of a small room, open only one weekend a month. Their early focus was traveling all over the southeast, looking for home good treasures to bring back to restore/tweak and resell. However, their determination and passion led them to seize an opportunity to expand. On Labor Day of 2023, they took over the rest of the warehouse and transformed it into a space filled with treasures waiting to be discovered.

Junktiques Market is not merely a place to shop; it is an experience that ignites the imagination and stirs a desire to unearth hidden gems. The warmth and coziness of the store make visitors feel right at home, encouraging them to stay, savor a cup of coffee, and engage in heartfelt conversations. Nikki and Lauren, alongside their team of women entrepreneurs, strive to create an environment that adds value to every individual who walks through the door.

The success and growth of Junktiques Market can be attributed to the unwavering faith of Nikki and Lauren. They acknowledge that their journey has truly been guided by God. Grateful for the support and welcoming nature of the Pike Road community, they attribute their accomplishments to the encouraging customers and fellow small business owners. In every step, they give glory to God, recognizing that they are instruments in a much grander plan.

As Nikki and Lauren reflect on their journey, they cannot help but be in awe of the constant evolution happening within their beloved marketplace. Always seeking to infuse creativity, life, and beauty into their work, they eagerly look forward to what the future holds. They recently launched a Tuesday night Bible study and a class on essential oils in 2024, they are committed to nurturing not only the physical space of Junktiques Market but also the spiritual and educational needs of their community.

Junktiques Market is more than just a place to buy and sell items; it is a testament to the power of faith, friendship, and the joy of giving new life to forgotten treasures. Nikki Falcione and Lauren Robbins have combined their passions and talents to create an environment that inspires, welcomes, and connects people on a deeper level. Their story serves as a reminder that following one’s dreams, partnered with unwavering faith, can lead to a journey of fulfillment, gratitude, and immeasurable joy.

Nikki and Lauren invite you to stop by and check out Junktiques Market for yourself. Junktiques Market is located off the Waugh Exit of I-65. Off Hwy 80 just before Marler Road at 100 Knollwood Blvd right next door to Locos Taqueria. To learn more about Junktiques Market, visit their business listing for more information.

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