A Holiday Retreat for your Furry Friends

by Pet Palace Hotels The holiday season is fast approaching, and while the festivities bring joy and excitement to our lives, it may also present challenges when it comes to taking care of our beloved pets. Finding a trustworthy and comfortable place for your furry friends can be a daunting task. Fortunately, for the residents in Pike Road, Pet Palace Hotels provides the perfect solution for boarding dogs and cats during the holidays. By...

Why Doggy Daycare During the Summer

by Pet Palace Hotels Pike Road With summer in full swing, many pet owners wonder how to keep their furry friends entertained and safe during the long hot days.  That's where Pet Palace Hotels Pike Road and its exceptional doggy daycare services come in. Early this year, they opened their new location in Pike Road to provide more space for your dog to play and run.  With their new facilities and attentive staff, your dog can have a fun...

Pampering Your Pets is Our Passion

Pike Road resident, Kelly Hellums, had the idea of building a local kennel when her dad boarded his dog in another state. He was very impressed with the kennel's accommodations, so they began discussing what we could bring to the tri-county area. She started researching the pet industry and knew this was something their entrepreneurial hearts wanted to tackle. She has always loved dogs and was familiar with traditional boarding services at...

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