Sharing Martial Arts Passion with Others

Scott Ertley started the Martial Arts Center LLC out of a passion for continuing what his late instructor, KJN Bill Page, started in him.

In 1989 Scott met KJN Bill Page and started training with him in a barn. In 1996, Scott took a break but returned 15 years later to train under Bill at his school in the Eastbrook Shopping Center. It was from Scott’s passion for martial arts that he introduced it to his kids. Over the years, he continued to train with Bill, learn how to throw knives and tomahawks, and make knives, as Bill was also a blacksmith.

In March 2022, KJN Bill Page passed away, and his students had to decide to either close or continue. After a lot of prayer & discussions with the other students, the group decided to move forward but to move the school. After looking at several locations in Montgomery and Prattville, they needed more room or layout to conduct martial arts, knife, and tomahawk throwing and archery under one roof. They finally came across the Pike Road location at 565 Pike Road. This location met all of their needs, and it has 14,000 sq. ft., including enough room to offer martial arts, knife, and tomahawk throwing and archery under one roof. The group put a lot of hard work to prepare the new location for training and classes.

With a new location, they can now offer knife, tomahawk throwing, and archery to the public instead of only being able to do these activities as part of a martial arts class.

The Martial Arts Center LLC offers:
1) Martial arts classes for kids, youth & adults
2) Knife & Tomahawk throwing sessions (can book online at our website)
3) Archery sessions (can book online at our website)
4) Birthday parties
5) Company teambuilding events with Knife & Tomahawk throwing sessions

Scott’s passion is to pass on what he has learned to others – either martial arts, knife and tomahawk throwing, archery, or all of it. This new facility will allow that to happen.

The new location has a great waiting area for parents can wait while their kids are in a martial arts class. Scott and others have received a lot of great compliments since opening, but many tell them great the facility is and how welcoming it is.

To learn more about the Martial Arts Center LLC, visit their business listing to access their website, phone number, and social links.

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