Preserving Memories To Last For Generations

Jeff Kimball is the owner of Matted Memories and More, a custom picture framing and design studio, based in Pike Road. As far as he remembers, he has always loved to work and create projects out of wood and is blessed to be able to see art in many things. 

He served in the military for 24 years and found himself building custom fireplace mantels, beds and other furniture pieces for various people. In addition, he would build custom shadow boxes for his fellow service members to store military medals, badges and other mementos. Word quickly spread about his special niche and ability to build customized one-of-a-kind shadow boxes.

Based on the work Jeff created, he knew he could make a positive change for people by creating and building frames that could protect and preserve what they hold dear. His motto, “Preserving your memories to share for generations” was born out of his desire to give his fellow service members a piece of art to display telling their life’s journey.

Jeff made sure he had the tools necessary to frame and create beautiful work of art from his garage while he moved around with the military in Europe and back to the US, even though it was difficult.

Some of the places he lived had frame shops on the installations and he found himself there on a regular basis. He has always been passionate about creating custom items for people even more so after hearing their stories. He always gets asked what his favorite or most interesting project has been done. There are so many of them that represent different reasons as his favorites. One that stands out is a piece he did for a good friend while stationed in Spokane WA. It was for a military buddy of his, who is a Purple Heart recipient. His friend wanted some very unique woodwork in his memory shadow box. Jeff found himself excited with the creative side of it. He used all his medals, his uniform as the mat covering, carved wood blocks to replicate bombs and also backhoes that were in the Civil Engineer’s Heavy Equipment badge that his friend proudly wore. Then as Jeff was putting it together, his friend brought some shrapnel that the doctors had removed from some injuries to add in the buckets of the backhoe. Talk about a conversational piece, his friend is able to display the very thing that contributed to him earning the Purple Heart. The shadow box is an art piece that he truly, to this day, shows off to everyone who visits his Wounded Warrior Man Cave!

Another piece that sparked great interest was when Jeff had a local customer come in and unfold a blue scarf and apron. At that point, he knew it was very personal to this gentleman, because he was very emotional when discussing why he wanted it preserved. Long story short, the apron turned out to be a Masonic Apron that his Great Great GrandFather wore in 1864 while serving his country under the command of General Custer. After learning the history, Jeff put a lot of research into how to preserve these items without doing any more damage. Today, this artwork is now on display and can be viewed without any further handling to best keep it preserved.

He is so thankful and blessed to hear people’s stories and to create unique artwork that he hopes represents their cherished memories. To Jeff, the customers’ stories are what continually drive him to make beautiful and cherished pieces that will last for generations.

Please be sure to visit Matted Memories and More to assist you with any of your framed pieces of art and memories. 

Matted Memories and More website, phone number and social links are on its Matted Memories and More.

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