Pike Road Proper: Embracing Community and Faith

by Shop Pike Road

Pike Road Proper, a family-owned business, is more than just an online shop. Founded by sisters Jennifer Murphy and Carrie Fisher and their husbands Shawn Murphy and Doug Fisher, this company was born out of a shared dream to bring value to their neighbors, Pike Road, and beyond. With a strong focus on community, faith, and quality products, Pike Road Proper is becoming a beloved community brand.

The motivation behind starting Pike Road Proper was rooted in years of desire to work together and make a positive impact on their surroundings. These aspirations led to countless hours of prayer, brainstorming, and family trips. During these moments, God planted the seed of Pike Road Proper in their hearts.

Pike Road Proper is currently an online shop offering a range of Pike Road-themed goods that celebrate rural living. However, their brand name is not limiting them to just their community. The two couples have ambitions to expand their offerings beyond Pike Road, bringing their unique designs and products to a wider audience.

Pike Road Proper is different from other apparel or community products because it offers original designs, carefully crafted to showcase the essence of Pike Road. Every detail of their products is thoughtfully considered, ensuring that each item represents the brand superbly. While customers may find similar goods elsewhere, choosing Pike Road Proper means supporting a small local business and their community. It’s the knowledge that their purchase directly benefits their neighbors that sets Pike Road Proper apart.

Since starting earlier this year, their customers have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback. People love the high-quality products and unique styles that Pike Road Proper offers, combined with their faith-based branding. The signature design, known as the “Pike Road Townscape,” has been a particular favorite among customers. Additionally, the convenience of their pickup option near Pike Road Elementary School has been appreciated by many.

Both couples live and love their community, so opening up a business in Pike Road was a simple decision. Pike Road offers a serene escape from the busyness of city life. The small-town atmosphere and the sense of ownership and community support won them over completely. The shopping and dining options continue to grow as more residents make Pike Road their home.

Pike Road Proper’s brand is deeply meaningful as it was inspired by Isaiah 61:3. Their acorn and oak tree logo symbolize the promise of making beauty from ashes and the strength found in righteousness. This passage from the Bible serves as a reminder that no matter the difficulties faced, trusting in Jesus will provide the strength to overcome.

To learn more about Pike Road Proper, visit their business listing to access the website and phone number.

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