Pike Road Counseling’s Journey to Make a Difference

By Shop Pike Road

Mindy Landrum, PsyD, LPC-S, Executive Director/Owner, began Pike Road Counseling, LLC with a goal of providing reliable counseling services in the Montgomery area. Having personally heard stories of individuals struggling to get appointments or receiving negative experiences from other therapists, Mindy recognized the need for additional counseling options in the area.

Initially starting as an individual provider, Pike Road Counseling quickly expanded to include seven therapists and a nurse practitioner offering therapy services for children, adolescents, adults, and couples. The clinic also provides Iasis Micro Current Neurofeedback and medication management.

In an effort to differentiate the clinic from others, Dr. Landrum emphasized her goal of hiring competent and caring therapists who connect with clients from the very first call to the clinic. Quality customer service is key to ensuring that clients feel cared for and leaves the clinic with a sense of hope.

One factor that sets Pike Road Counseling apart is its location. Located in Pike Road the clinic’s proximity to residents makes it an appealing option to those who seek local support.

Dr. Landrum’s fondness for Pike Road extends beyond her desire to open a clinic there. She loves the community where people continually strive to connect with and help others. The community’s support for local businesses, such as Pike Road Counseling, is one of her favorite aspects of the city.

For Dr. Landrum, owning and operating Pike Road Counseling is more than a profession; it is a calling from God. Her dedication to each client is of the utmost importance, and she acknowledges the significance of each client’s experience. If any client does not have a positive experience, she encourages communication, stating that it is by striving to improve that the clinic can be the most effective counselors they can be.

In conclusion, Pike Road Counseling’s dedication to serving clients draws from a passion for helping people. Through excellent customer service, hiring excellent therapists, offering convenient therapy services, and continually striving to improve, Dr. Landrum and her team help clients overcome their challenges and leave the clinic with a sense of hope.

To learn more about Pike Road Counseling, visit their business listing to access the website and phone number.

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