Neighborhood Fitness Center Continues to Grow

After several years as a personal trainer and in the fitness industry, Josh Langham moved to the Montgomery area to open Homestead Gym and Training (originally Life Spring Fitness at The Waters) in February 2015.

Like many entrepreneurs and small business owners, the idea began when he noticed an opportunity. While visiting his parents, who recently moved to The Waters, he noticed the empty storefronts in the town center while traveling the neighborhood by golf cart.

On this occasion, he noticed the space that previously housed a small YMCA at The Waters. With this background, he felt like a locally-owned gym providing quality services and 24/7 access would do well in that space.

Today, Homestead Gym and Training is both a high-quality fitness center and a personal training studio. The access-based membership allows 24/7 access to the fitness center. In addition, they provide high-quality, professional appointment services like private and semi-private fitness
training in person and virtually. While the 24/7 access to our facility is for members only, their services are available for anyone by appointment!

Josh believes his location is his highest value to his customers. With a convenient location to The Waters and the other communities in Pike Road, his members can exercise and be home in much less time than driving to another gym.

Josh and his team take a lot of pride in the cleanliness and quality of the facility. He knows you won’t find a cleaner gym in town!

Another key difference for Homestead is the type of fitness professionals he brings to train their customers. His goal has been to bring on people dedicated to each customer’s individual needs. They then get to know the customers, and invest in developing and maintaining long-term relationships.

Josh is thankful to be in Pike Road and be a part of the growth since he opened in 2014. Homestead Gym and Training recently celebrated their 8th year in business and are look forward to serving customers in Pike Road and surrounding communities for years to come.

To learn more about Homestead Gym and Training, visit their business listing to access the website and phone number.

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