Locos Taqueria Pike Road: A Blend of Mexican and Southern Cuisine

Brothers Carlos and Heri Hernandez have recently become first-time business owners by acquiring Locos Taqueria in Pike Road. They have over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry,

The Hernandez brothers said “Locos Taqueria offers a unique blend of Mexican and southern-style BBQ cuisine, setting it apart from other establishments in the area.”

Locos Taqueria is committed to providing not only excellent food but also exceptional hospitality. The Hernandez brothers strive to offer a diverse menu that goes beyond traditional Mexican cuisine. On Fridays and Saturdays, customers can enjoy delicious smoked ribs and sausage, while the menu features smoked pork and brisket every day, accompanied by their homemade BBQ sauce.

The primary focus of the Hernandez brothers is to ensure that their customers’ needs are always met with the highest level of service. While they have received positive feedback from their customers regarding their food, atmosphere, and customer service, the new owners are continuously working to improve these aspects daily.

The Hernandez brothers’ decision to acquire Locos Taqueria in Pike Road was based on the limited number of restaurants in the area. They saw an opportunity to provide another dining option for the growing community and businesses in Pike Road. As small business owners, they aim to contribute to the area’s development and be an integral part of its growth.

One of the aspects that they appreciate the most about Pike Road is the overwhelming support they have received from the local community since acquiring Locos Taqueria. They have already begun establishing a loyal customer base and always look forward to welcoming familiar faces into the restaurant. Additionally, their neighbors, Junktiques and Pike Road Group Fitness, have also provided significant support, further fostering a sense of community.

For those who have yet to experience the new Locos Taqueria, the Hernandez brothers want to encourage you to stop by and give it a try. The food is made using fresh ingredients, and the flavors speak for themselves. Whether you are in the mood for traditional Mexican dishes or a taste of southern-style BBQ, Locos Taqueria in Pike Road has something to satisfy every craving.

To learn more about Locos Taqueria, visit their business listing.

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