Locally sourced pine straw and more for Pike Road residents

Bobby Ryals started The Straw Farm earlier this year after watching the growth of Pike Road. He grew up in this area, so Pike Road had always been a familiar place to him, and he had been watching the trends of homeowners moving out of Montgomery to Pike Road neighborhoods.

After retiring from the military in 2019, Ryals and his brother started another small business providing service to rural landowners and Longleaf pine plantations. From that family business, he knew many of the landowners he need to work with to harvest the pine straw in this area. That experience laid the foundation for The Straw Farm.

Ryals knows as homeowners moved into Pike Road, they will want to maintain the value of their homes. He understands the key to any home’s appearance is its curb appeal, and nice landscaping is vital.

The Straw Farm provides locally sourced Longleaf pine straw harvested from rural Alabama landowners and Longleaf pine plantations.

Longleaf pine trees are abundant in the area, so the locally sourced pine straw was a natural growth for Ryals with his business experience. While he also provides seasonal items such as firewood and firepits, pine straw will always be their primary focus. At the right time, he would like to test the demand to sell high-quality outdoor furniture.

Soon, the business will convert to a Christmas tree lot. He has partnered with the Pike Road High School Wrestling team to provide fresh Frasier Fir Christmas trees. You can pre-order while having a chance to pick out your tree on-site.

The Straw Farm will offer fall ornamental items such as pumpkin and hay bales until the Christmas trees arrive. He is working with a local farmer to sell fresh vegetables this summer.

Ryals is thankful The Straw Farm is a laid-back, slow-paced business where his kids and their friends can learn how to conduct small business in their community. He loves Pike Road and appreciates meeting new friends and neighbors. He has enjoyed being able to support civic causes, just like the partnership with the PRHS Wrestling team.

Ryals believes in providing quality customer service. In talking with his customers, he enjoys the personal interaction and friendly service they receive from him and his team.

Through the business, his customers will get to know the owner and his family and trust him to value their interests. He will always take significant measures to control the quality of his products.

Ryals takes extra steps to be sure his customers receive and can enjoy the freshest and cleanest pine straw around to ensure their homes have the best curb appeal.

Be sure to visit The Straw Farm to assist with your landscaping needs.

Visit The Straw Farm’s business listing to access their website, phone number, and social links.

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