Local Company Keeps Trash Cans Clean

Summer is a time for outdoor activities, barbecues, and spending time with friends and family. However, with the warmer weather comes an unpleasant side effect: smelly trash cans and this is where Trash Pandas of Alabama come in.

Shannon Williams, a resident of Pike Road, started the Trash Pandas of Alabama after seeing a similar company in California.

Trash Pandas is a local business providing eco-friendly trash bin sanitation services for commercial and residential customers. The frequency of cleaning depends on the customer’s needs, but most customers use the service monthly.

Shannon shared that they use super-heated water at 2000 psi to sanitize the bins inside and out, killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Letting Trash Pandas clean your trash cans is a better method than washing them yourself with a hose and harsh chemicals, which are not only bad for the environment but also ineffective in eliminating germs and bacteria.

They also offers sanitizing services for commercial dumpsters up to 10 yards, which is especially important for restaurants to maintain a clean and healthy environment for their customers.

At the end of the cleaning, their customers enjoy having a clean and fresh-smelling trash bin free of germs and bacteria.

According to Shannon, “A trash bin that has never been sanitized can have over 40 million strands of bacteria, and inhaling them can be harmful to one’s health.”

Trash Pandas’ service is 100% eco-friendly, and they dispose of dirty water properly, making them a responsible and reliable business in the community.

To learn more about Trash Pandas of Alabama, visit their business listing to access the website and phone number.

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