Local Business Serving Great Food and Good Times

by Shop Pike Road

The Market at John Hall Store, owned by Grib Anderson, has become a popular spot to spend time with family and friends in Pike Road, Alabama.

Grib started the business because he believed in the potential of the Pike Road/Cecil area. Growing up in the area, he has dreamed of running a business here since childhood, and in 2021 The Market at John Hall Store has become the realization of that dream.

The Market at John Hall Store is where friends and family enjoy delicious food and live music. Grib and his team serve a variety of food items, such as pizza, burgers, wings, and steaks.

They are open Monday through Saturday, but on Friday and Saturday nights, they allow their customers to unwind and enjoy good company and great music and food.

Customers love the outdoor area of The Market at John Hall Store the most. The stage provides a platform for bands to perform live music.

Customers can come, relax and enjoy some great music in a rural environment and forget about the hustle-bustle of the city.

Grib chose to locate his business in Pike Road due to his love for the area and its community. Living in Cecil/Pike Road, he has been blessed by the supportive community.

He is thankful the Pike Road customers are positive and supportive, and it’s an excellent feeling to be a part of a dynamic and growing community.

Grib is glad he gets to do business in a town that feels like a family.

The Market at John Hall Storeis located on Vaughn Road about a half mile past Marler Road.

To learn more about The Market at John Hall Store, visit their business listing to access the website and phone number.

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