Town of Pike Road Arts Center

Town of Pike Road Arts Center

The Town of Pike Road Arts Center and Water House Gallery are located near the historic heart of Pike Road on Wallahatchie Road, under the water tower. The Arts Center opened as the Town of Pike Road’s home for the arts in the summer of 2019. Since then, it has hosted a bustling array of art classes, shows, and community activities, all thanks to the energy of the volunteer-run Pike Road Arts Council. The Pike Road Arts Council is one of several ENHANCE initiative committees, dedicated to cultivating Quality of Life in our community.

The Pike Road Arts Council, a volunteer-led ENHANCE initiative committee, engages citizens of the Town of Pike Road who have unique gifts in the fine arts and encourages the utilization of those gifts to bring a greater overall appreciation of the arts to the community. The council may host showcases featuring local artists as well as community education and outreach programs.

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