How to Make Your Art’s Life Last for Generations

Go to a Custom Picture Framer! Not all stores are equipped to preserve your artwork. And not all artwork is created equally.

Preserving your art is always at our forefront. Sadly, everything will fade. However, the way we design our framing and the materials we choose can help prolong the things we frame and preserve the memories you hold dear.

A few ways to make your art last as long as possible is to know about UV protection glazing and conservation materials that we use at Matted Memories and More, LLC.

First and foremost, all artworks should be protected from prolonged light exposure. This means not only hanging artwork out of direct sunlight or constant exposure to fluorescent lighting but also minimizing the total exposure to light over the life of the artwork. One way to prolong artwork is by using UV-filtering glass. Although UV-filtering glazing will not stop fading, it will protect the art from damage caused by UV radiation. Protecting art from light is just one of many factors that we recommend to all our customers to preserve their art.

We take conservation seriously. We only use materials that have PH-neutral (acid-free) materials that may contact the art. This ensures that there are no chemical reactions with the items touching each other. This information is great to know how I conserve your art but, the place you hang your artwork can also affect what happens inside your frame.

Hanging and storing artwork in a temperature-controlled environment will slow down the aging process and offer protection from localized heat sources, such as picture lights or other lighting. As far as hanging art on walls, we recommend not placing your art directly under or over a heating/AC unit blower. Also, exterior walls should not be considered for long-term longevity of their art due to possible temperature extremes.

By understanding what contributes to fading, recommending materials and processes that prolong the life of the art, and educating our customers on their responsibilities after the art leaves our art studio, we improve our chances for a satisfied customer and can rest assured that we have done all we can to keep the art in the best possible condition to share for generations.

Please be sure to visit Matted Memories and More to assist you with any of your framed pieces of art and memories. 

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