Empowering Local Businesses with Websites and Marketing Solutions

The story of Dogwood Media Solutions begins with its founder, Brian Harris, who recognized the need for churches to build compelling websites and navigate the complexities of social media. 

He previously served as a communications director at a church, started offering his assistance to churches and soon expanded his services to help individuals within the church community who owned businesses. For six years, he worked tirelessly on growing his business while still maintaining a full-time job.

In 2016, Harris secured his full-time client job, which marked a significant turning point for the foundation of Dogwood. With newfound focus and dedication, Harris sought to expand his business further. 

In 2019, he brought on a partner to lead the website building division, which led to exponential growth and eventually rebranded the company as Dogwood Media Solutions.

Dogwood’s primary offerings consist of fully custom website building and outsourced marketing solutions. With website building, they take clients from a blank canvas to a fully realized website by utilizing various content management systems. This flexibility allows them to create websites that perfectly align with the client’s vision and goals.

In addition to website building, Dogwood provides outsourced marketing services. Recognizing that many businesses struggle to afford a full in-house marketing team, they offer a solution by assigning each client a dedicated marketing strategist. 

This strategist collaborates with Dogwood’s team of graphic designers, videographers, social media managers, and PR specialists to develop and implement an effective marketing plan. Through this innovative approach, businesses can benefit from having a complete marketing team without the hefty cost.

For those who require specific services or wish to supplement their existing marketing efforts, Dogwood also offers individual services on an à la carte basis. This flexibility allows businesses to tailor their engagement with them based on their unique requirements.

One of the key aspects that customers appreciate about Dogwood is its status as a one-stop-shop. Unlike other agencies that outsource work or operate remotely, they take pride in conducting all of its work in-house at its headquarters in Pike Road, Alabama. 

Clients have the opportunity to meet the team responsible for their projects, including the marketing strategists, designers, and web developers. This level of accessibility and personal connection contributes to a positive client experience.

Choosing Pike Road as Dogwood’s base of operations was a natural decision for Brian Harris. As a long-time resident of Pike Road, he and his family have deep roots in the community. He values the sense of community spirit, accessibility of local leadership, and the shared commitment to personal and professional growth. 

Doing business in Pike Road allows Dogwood to play an active role in supporting the local community and connecting with individuals in the area. While Dogwood proudly serves clients nationwide, their connection to Pike Road remains a source of pride.

Dogwood is located in Pike Road off of Chantilly, next to Legacy Advisors.

To learn more about Dogwood, visit their business listing to access the website and phone number.

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