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Pike Road resident Jeanine Faulkner founded Pike Road Nutrition to allow her to retire from accounting and to improve her health. She and her family have enjoyed being in Pike Road and making it home.

The teas and shakes at Pike Road Nutrition are healthy and packed with vitamins that will benefit your health. Not only that, but they also make you drink more water, which is excellent for your overall health.

Pike Road Nutrition offers three teas: loaded, beauty, and specialty. The The loaded teas are perfect for energy and focus, contain only 24 calories, have no sugar, and are gluten-free. The beauty teas are similar but have less caffeine and include biotin and collagen. They only have 39 calories and are also gluten-free. Specialty teas are the most popular and contain less caffeine than the other two teas. They have 17g of protein and biotin, and collagen. They also offers Boost drinks that are good for your heart, immunity, and digestive health. They have 0 sugar and 0 caffeine and come in various flavors. Additionally, they offer meal replacement shakes that are only 200-250 calories, low carb, low sugar, and some are gluten-free. They also have drinks for kids similar to Gatorade with hydration and a flavor of their choice.

At Pike Road Nutrition, they want to make sure their customers are happy and satisfied with their purchase before they even leave the store. Pike Road Nutrition uses only Herbalife products, which makes a huge difference in the taste of the drinks. 

They ensure they are never out of stock on items used in making their drinks, and they have the “good ice”! Pike Road Nutrition has received many compliments about the taste of its teas and shakes. The shakes are protein-based, and the recipes are formulated so that you don’t taste or realize the protein is in them.

Pike Road Nutrition is located address is 15670 Vaughn Road, next to the John Hall Store, and is looking forward to being in the Pike Road area for years to come.

To learn more about Pike Road Nutrition, visit their business listing to access the website and phone number.

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