A Haven of Coffee, Community, and Delicious Delights in Pike Road

by Shop Pike Road

Austin Sellers always knew he had a passion for food and a love for creating culinary delights. This deep-rooted passion inspired him to finally take the plunge and realize his dream of owning a restaurant or a coffee shop. Today, he and his wife, Alyssa “Aly”, are the owners and visionaries of Hole in the Wall Coffee Shop, nestled inside The Waters in Pike Road.

At Hole in the Wall Coffee, customers are treated to a wide array of offerings that cater to their cravings throughout the day. From the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee and lattes to flavorful breakfast sandwiches and quiches, the menu engages with all types of taste buds. As a bonus, Fridays bring a special treat by serving homemade pizzas, fine wine, and inviting charcuterie boards.

An essential cornerstone of Hole in the Wall Coffee is its success in the strong sense of community it fosters. As a locally owned establishment, they take pride in hiring local employees who provide friendly service and form genuine connections with the customers. Knowing their clientele on a first-name basis, the Hole in the Wall team creates an atmosphere that feels like home, greeting regulars with a smile and welcoming newcomers with open arms.

If you have visited Hole in the Wall Coffee, you understand the warmth and relaxation it exudes. This makes it a favorite spot for everyone, from kids to working professionals. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat or a rejuvenating cup of the best latte in town, you can find solace in the welcoming atmosphere crafted by Austin, Aly, and their team.

Austin and Aly quickly recounted their strong ties to the area and the vibrant community when asked about their decision to own Hole in the Wall Coffee in Pike Road. Austin was offered a job in Montgomery, they had family ties to Greenville, and falling in love with the small-town feel of Pike Road all played significant roles. What they cherishes most about Pike Road is its people – their unwavering support for local businesses and events has continued to allow Hole in the Wall Coffee to be successful.

At Hole in the Wall Coffee, it’s not just a place to grab a quick bite or a cup of coffee; it is a testament to Austin and Aly Sellers’ passion for food, community, and creating a welcoming space for all. Customers revel in the sense of belonging and feeling part of something special. The community atmosphere brings people together, allowing friendships to flourish over shared meals and conversations. Consistent delivery of high-quality products has earned the loyalty and admiration of patrons who keep returning for more.

If you are a community-focused coffee shop that provides coffee, lattes, and homemade food items, stop by Hole in the Wall Coffee in The Waters. To learn more aboutHole in the Wall Coffee Shop, visit their business listing.

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