A Champion for Small Business Owners

Chris Dwyer, a retired Air Force veteran, is the owner of OnMission Coaching, a company he established last year with a clear purpose in mind. Invigorated by a calling to continue serving others, he turned his passion for coaching and strategic leadership into a venture to support small business owners. Dwyer’s extensive experience in leading organizations and witnessing remarkable results with a coaching approach during his military career laid the groundwork for his new endeavor.

At OnMission Coaching, the main focus is to aid small business owners in growing their profits. Dwyer achieves this by helping the business owners identify a clear purpose and vision for their enterprise. This vision serves as the “destination” for the business, and Dwyer works with the owners to chart a clear path to achieve these aspirations. As part of the process, a dashboard is created to enable the business owners to monitor their progress and quickly identify areas needing improvement.

What sets OnMission Coaching apart from its competitors, according to Dwyer, is the tailored and continuous support they offer to their clients. They walk alongside small business owners every step of the way, ensuring they navigate the challenges and reach their destined goals. Dwyer believes that the essence of coaching lies in understanding the client’s purpose and being an active catalyst in helping them prosper.

The core of OnMission Coaching’s appeal lies in the simplicity, clarity, and unstinting support provided to its customers. Dwyer’s approach aims to simplify the often complex nature of business growth and strategy, while providing unwavering support to his clients along the journey.

Locating OnMission Coaching in Pike Road was a natural choice for Dwyer. Having been stationed in the area before, he and his family developed a deep affinity for the community, and they were eager to return to support and grow roots in this nurturing environment, which they find to be loving and supportive.

Dwyer’s admiration for Pike Road stems from its strong sense of community. He cherishes the interconnectedness and support that characterizes the town and aims to contribute to its growth and preservation. His deeper vision for the town involves helping small businesses thrive and become enduring fixtures in the community’s growth.

In summary, Chris Dwyer’s journey from the Air Force to becoming a devoted advocate for small business owners is not just a testament to his commitment to serving others, but also a reflection of his unwavering drive to make a difference in his community. Through OnMission Coaching, Dwyer is creating a lasting impact on small businesses by simplifying their growth, offering clarity, and providing steadfast support every step of the way. His embrace of Pike Road and dedication to its growth mirror his desire to preserve and enhance the community’s hometown feel, ensuring a vibrant future for all.

To learn more about OnMission Coaching visit their business listing.

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